"This is some of the finest leather around that will not hurt your wallet, I am a very pleased customer & I only recomend you for all my friends leather work."
Eugene - raider.2000@yahoo.com

"Have to say Im another pleased customer! Ordered a holster and belt rig for my Walker and am really impressed with your work! Thanks again, I too will be ordering more stuff from you."
Mike aka Phantom Captain

"From a photo of Gus McCraes rig on Lonesome dove, Bob made a perfect copy of it for my Walker. It is on his website. Absolutely perfect. Im picky and he complied beautifully. Will get him to do another!"
Doc - speckdds@bellsouth.net

"Very nice work. BBG made a holster for my WALKER. Just fantastic work. Im very pleased. Im getting ready to have him make two more for me. Highly recomended. Thank you and keep it up."
Scott Lopez a/k/a SCRAT

"...Big Bad Guns. Great Work and I trust him with my money."
Molon Labe - The High Road, forum

"Bob, This has been a long time in coming but finally Ive got the chance to tell you how happy I am with the cross draw rig you built for my ROA stainless. Looks great, hangs right, and is comfortable enough to wear all day in the field. Rest assured that BBG is A+ and can do some great stuff with Leather.
The High Road - Pancho - Senior forum Member

Bob made me a Holster for my Walker he put the initials USMR into the Holster. Everytime i take to the range people are asking me about it. You can not find a seller in the U.S. That will do the same quality work at the prices he has. Absoultely the best work around. Now im thinking black Im interested in a Rig for my 1858. Holster and belt with the loops to hold 10 maybe 45 Colt cartridges. Let me know what you think. What you can come up with. I can send you pics of the gun if needed.
Scott Lopez